Build a Top Career as a Systems Administrator with CompTIA Security+ Certification

Security has become a hot topic that requires advanced skills and experts in the field. When they graduate from school, many fresh students dream to become a security expert and get the chance to work in an international company. On the other hand, corporations are also shifting their attention towards security aspects and become more concentrated on working with the right people to prevent security breaches.

Jobs like security specialists or systems administrators have become very popular among IT employees. Everyone knows that they are well-paid and can bring high satisfaction. However, not any IT specialist has the chance to have such a motivating job. Your chances increase significantly if you add an international certification to your resume. The CompTIA Security+ credential can become your winning ticket and increase your chances to work in an international environment.

Are you curious to find more about this Security+ accreditation? Keep reading this article and find more about the jobs that you can obtain thanks to this badge and how much you can earn as a systems administrator.

Jobs You Can Apply to Once You Obtain CompTIA Security+ Certification

The only exam that you need to pass to get your CompTIA Security+ certification has the code SY0-501. During this test, candidates will have to demonstrate their skills in dealing with cybersecurity and solving different security issues. According to the vendor’s official website, this badge is highly appreciated for HR specialists who are interested in recruiting on the following positions:

  • Systems Administrator;
  • Security Consultant;
  • Security Specialist, Engineer, and Administrator;
  • Network Administrator;
  • Junior IT Auditor or Penetration Tester.

When taking SY0-501 assessment, candidates will have to demonstrate several skills related to security. Thus, if you want to grow in your career and get a job in the security field, you should become proficient in the following activities:

  • Threats handling and detection, as well as preventing attacks and identifying vulnerabilities that might threaten the systems of businesses;
  • Handling access management systems and quickly installing its features;
  • Configuring and installing different technologies and features that can improve the company’s security level;
  • Drafting and developing risk management policies and sharing best practices;
  • Developing and managing different concepts related to security network architecture and design;
  • Understanding wireless security concepts and efficiently implementing different settings.

What Are a Systems Administrator’s Daily Tasks?

Many graduates of the exam for the Security+ credential are usually hired as systems administrators. One of the most important duties that systems administrators have is taking care of peripheral systems and ensuring the highest level of security. In case any piece of hardware breaks down, the systems administrator should be available and come with an immediate solution. Also, his/her job description includes developing efficient recovery policies and making sure to have an appropriate backup for sensitive files.

Identity management is also part of the responsibilities of a systems administrator. Drafting and implementing security policies is also an important task that systems administrators have to handle. Any user account in the organization should be carefully checked by the systems admin and make sure that everyone has the correct permission level that corresponds to their seniority level. Also, in case any issues appear in software and hardware systems, this specialist is responsible for finding solutions and updating them to match the current trends.

How Much Does a Systems Administrator Earn in One Year?

A systems administrator earns $62,245 on average in one year. If you succeed in passing your SY0-501 exam and add the Security+ accreditation to your resume, you increase your chances to obtain an annual salary of $88k. Are you curious to know which companies are looking for a skilled systems administrator?

You can submit your resume to Lockheed Martin Corp or General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. However, Northrop Grumman Corporation offers one of the biggest annual salaries for this position. So, if you are the lucky winner of this job, you will earn approximately $73,474 in one year. You will get smaller annual salaries if you work for Leidos and Raytheon Co. U.S. Air Force is also looking for systems administrators but their offer is the lowest. So, you can earn up to $55,700 annually if you work for them.

Additional Details for SY0-501 Exam

We hope that you remember that if you want to obtain the CompTIA Security+ certification, you will need to pass only one assessment which is SY0-501. As a matter of fact, in the main test, you will need to solve 90 multiple choice & performance-based items in 90 minutes. So, it means that you’ll have to do one item per minute. Quite difficult, isn’t it? Also, you must obtain a minimum of 750 points out of 900 to pass this exam.

Given these requirements, the pressure on the exam-takers is extremely big. Thus, one of the conditions for becoming eligible to take this assessment is having at least 2 years of experience in IT and it’s recommended to possess the Network+ badge. Things will become easier if you have had jobs that involved tasks related to security. Also, the registration fee for this SY0-501 test is $349.

Training is extremely important if you want to obtain the passing score in your accreditation from the first attempt. The vendor’s website contains many useful training resources to help you get ready for SY0-501. You can choose from e-learning, live training, or study guides to match your training schedule. Apart from the CompTIA website, you can also take a look at community forums and other independent websites that offer verified questions and answers to help you ace your score in the CompTIA SY0-501 test.


Now that you know how the CompTIA Security+ certification helps you and you are determined to become a security expert you don’t have any excuses but to start studying. A job as a systems administrator can be very rewarding regarding your salary and work duties that can be challenging but will encourage your professional growth. So, possessing this CompTIA accreditation increases your chances to get accepted for this job and get a higher yearly income.

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