Braveheart HD iPad Demo Available

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the release of a "lite" version of their new action / role-playing game, Braveheart HD for iPad. Players can now experience Braveheart HD’s stunning graphics and unique touch-controlled combat system for free, in a demo that features a complete level from the full game. Braveheart HD for iPad normally sells for the low price off $2.99; through December 31, the price has been discounted to $1.99.

In Braveheart HD, players control the brave knight Richard on his quest for the Holy Grail. With the path to victory blocked by numerous enemies and bosses, players must make good use of 10 different weapons, as well as perks and power-ups that can be acquired during battles. In between intense combat sequences, Braveheart HD’s fantasy storyline unfolds via stylized comic book style cutscenes. Braveheart HD also features "challenge" gameplay in addition to the main quest, allowing players to build skills, earn gold for in-game upgrades, and compete against friends.

Since its launch earlier this month, Braveheart has climbed the App Store charts and has been featured on the "New & Noteworthy" and "What’s Hot" listings. It has also been well received by reviewers, with IGN calling it a "good, tough action game" and praising its "unique brand of action-packed and RPG inspired gameplay."

Braveheart HD for iPad can be found in the App Store at the following links: Free lite version:

Full version:

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