BrainLeap’s Attention Arcade Helps Kids With Attention Problems

BrainLeap Technologies announces “The Attention Arcade,” a new gaming platform that is designed to help the millions of children around the word that struggle with attention and focus issues. This cutting-edge gaming platform allows kids to interact with a series of specially-created games that track eye movements to control the on-screen action, while helping to improve and strengthen focus and attention skills. This is available for immediate purchase and is not a crowdfunding project.

Read an in-depth interview about The Attention Arcade at NextGov Magazine.

The Attention Arcade can now be purchased directly from BrainLeap at The price to download and play the PC games is $39/month. To access the eye-tracker required to play the games, consumers can bundle the eye-tracker and games for $49/month or purchase the tracker directly at from Amazon.

The research for the games for The Attention Arcade was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the games were initially created and tested at the University of California, San Diego. The clinical trial included individuals aged 9-25. All participants who completed the at-home training study showed improvements in at least one measure of attention and most showed improvements on multiple measures.

Research has shown that eye movement and attention are tightly linked and share much of the same brain circuitry. To put it simply, where we look and where we are planning to look are where we are placing our attention. The games leverage this connection with games designed to train different aspects of attention. The player uses his or her eyes to control the games via an eye tracker. Improvements are closely tied to the amount of time played. If a child is playing daily for 20 minutes or more, users can see results in as little as four weeks, with significant improvements possible after eight weeks.

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