Blaze Releases Soft And Safe Wii Sports Pack

Blaze Europe have today announced that they have taken stock of their latest innovation for the Nintendo Wii console, the new Soft and Safe Sports Pack.

The invention of Wii Mote controller attachments have made it possible for us to put ourselves in the very heart of the Wii Sports action, making every movement count in the challenge to beat your friends . The problem with these original attachments is the danger of getting too involved in the action, violently swinging away without a care and causing damage to your home or even worse your family!

The BLAZE World First Wii Soft and Safe Sports pack aims to rid the world of these unfortunate mishaps being made of family safe soft foam materials. The fear of smashing up your home is a thing of the past leaving you to enjoy the Wii Sports resort action and give it your all!

The new soft and safe sports pack contains ultra realistic sporting attachments including all you need to go for gold, including a bow, handle bars, frisbee, paddle, and bat which are fully motion plus compatible and usable with Wii Sports Resort and any other Wii Sporting title.

Simply clip your Wii Mote into the sports attachment of your choice and you are instantly transported into the game. Whether you are an archery sharp shooter, top frisbee flinger, rowing legend, table tennis genius or a cycling grand master, the new BLAZE Soft & Safe Sports pack gives you the tools to beat the game and look the part too!

The BLAZE Wii Soft & Safe Sports Pack is available NOW from

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