Bigfoot And VisionTek Partner On Gamer Network Cards


Bigfoot Networks, the networking technology company behind the Killer(r) line of gaming network cards, today announced a partnership with VisionTek, a leading consumer PC peripherals company, to license and distribute the Killer Xeno Pro, the only network card designed to accelerate online game traffic and provide smoother, more
responsive network gameplay.

VisionTek will distribute the Killer Xeno Pro through online and retail channels in Asia, Europe and North America, giving millions of online PC gamers the opportunity to play today's bandwidth-intensive games under
optimum conditions, with minimal lag and maximum control.

Recent industry reports confirm a large and growing market in online PC gaming. According to a recent Horizons Report from the PC Gaming Alliance, 228 million gaming-capable PCs were in use worldwide in 2008 – making the PC the most prevalent gaming platform in the world1. In China alone, Niko Partners predicted that the online gaming market would reach $8.9 billion by 2013, growing at a compound annual rate of 26.4%.

Killer Xeno Pro addresses gamers' need for superior online performance by putting intelligent networking technology inside their PCs. Using a powerful Network Processing Unit (NPU), the Killer Xeno Pro ensures that critical game traffic doesn't get held up inside the computer and slow down online games.

Game Detect technology identifies, prioritizes and accelerates game traffic to provide the competitive edge needed to succeed in today's
online games, from shooters to MMOs. Intelligent Bandwidth Control keeps the
game running smoothly and lets players allocate bandwidth to other applications, so they can do more while they game.

"The rapid shift toward online gaming has made the network card a critical component of any gaming PC," stated Mark Bilson, VP Sales at VisionTek. "The Killer Xeno Pro is a perfect complement to VisionTek's consumer product line, which is focused on delivering the ultimate PC gaming experience to
our customers."

"Gamers with conventional network cards are not getting the most out of
their online experience," said Michael Howse, CEO, Bigfoot Networks. "The Killer Xeno Pro optimizes PCs for the latest gaming requirements, which make superior network performance a must. Through this partnership with one of the world's most well-respected PC add-in-board companies, we look forward to improving network performance for more gamers, in more places, than ever before."

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