ANACONDA Releases Undercover: Operation Wintersun Shown For First Time

ANACONDA is reporting directly from the show floor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006, the world’s biggest computer and video game trade expo: For the first time, ANACONDA has given the public a look at the upcoming WW2 adventure game Undercover: Operation Wintersun. The reaction to this first version shown by ANACONDA, demonstrating the sophisticated puzzle design and oppressive atmosphere, was very enthusiastic.

Undercover: Operation Wintersun takes the player to the time of the Second World War. The story revolves around the Nazis’ research into a secret and powerful weapons technology. Subtly, the player is drawn into this terrifying what-if scenario. In the role of an undercover British MI6 agent, the player makes his way to Berlin, in order to thwart the horrible threat to all mankind posed by these research efforts.

ANACONDA will release the adventure game, currently in development at Austrian Sproing Interactive Media, in October of 2006.

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