An Insight of CompTIA Security+ Certification and How to Pass Exams with ExamSnap

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), is a trade association that issues certifications for all tests. It means that be you a new-commer or a specialist with a definite background in IT, there’s a credential for you also. CompTIA offer globally accepted certifications with its services spreading to over 120 countries and is considered to be a leading vendor in the IT industry. The certifications offered by this organization are vendor-neutral, thus it opens doors for you to work in such companies as Nissan, Apple, Dell, Intel, HP, Network Solutions, Canon and many others. That fact explains why they are so popular among candidates. It is estimated that over 2.2 million professionals have obtained CompTIA certifications since its launch.

CompTIA credentials fall into 4 categories: core, infrastructure, cybersecurity and additional professional. The first category is designed for those candidates who decide to find out if the IT field suits them or not. If yes, they can start their career in IT and gain the foundational IT skills, as well as essential skills in networking and security. To deepen your skills, you can get infrastructure or cybersecurity certification. If you decide to develop your professional skills, you can opt for additional professional certification for example, in project management.

The following discussion focuses on the CompTIA Security+ credential which is viewed as an excellent start point towards the cybersecurity pathway. Details about its exam are also discussed below and you will also find shared tips on how you can pass the test easily with the aid of ExamSnap.

What is CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is a globally accepted certification that validates the skills requiredto perform core security functions. It emphasizes hands-on practical skills thus preparing candidates to handle a wide variety of tasks that deal with providing security. CompTIA Security+ stands out among other vendors’ security certifications due to the incorporation of performance-based assessment questions in its exams.

This credential focuses on the latest modern techniques in risk management and mitigation, as well as intrusion detection. Candidates that squire this the Security+ develop their skills in identifying and addressing security incidences.

Validity and Renewal

After attaining the CompTIA Security+ certification, it lasts for three years before hitting its expiry date. Candidates who wish to extend its validity may do so through either of the following renewal methods:

  • Obtaining a higher CompTIA certification.
  • Completing an online CertMaster CE course
  • Uploading a minimum of 50 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to your certification account in three-years period. After doing this, the status of your CompTIA Security+ certification will be updated automatically.

Skills Gained in CompTIA Security+

  • Detecting compromises, running penetration tests and scanning for vulnerability
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment of network components that support organizational security.
  • Design and implementation of secure network architecture
  • Summarizing the business impact of implementing best practices in risk management.
  • Configuration of wireless security settings and implementing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Careers associated with CompTIA Security+ certification

The Security+ credential validates your skills required in career positions such as Network/SecurityAdministrator, Junior IT Auditor/ Penetration Tester, Security Specialist, Security Consultant or Security Engineer

Exam Details

The required exam for the CompTIA Security+ is SY0-501. Passing this exam proves that you possess the knowledge and skills required to secure applications, networks, and devices, conduct threat analysis and implement required mitigation techniques. The aim is to ensure systems support core security principles such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

This exam contains a maximum of 90 questions, which you are expected to answer within 90 minutes. These questions may be multiple choice or performance-based questions. Passing this exam requires you to score at least 750 marks measured on a scale of 100-900 marks.

Who can take this exam?

Candidates who wish to attempt the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam are advised to:

  1. Have the CompTIA Network+ certification
  2. Have two years of experience in a career that focuses on security

Exam Preparation

To pass SY0-501, adequate preparation is needed. There are different preparation options that can be found on the CompTIA website. They include the online CertMaster self-learning program and e-books resources.

Apart from the above-mentioned preparation options, CompTIA also supports a classroom training program. Once you enroll for a training center near you, you will have the opportunity to have the one on one learning experience with your instructor.

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Reasons to obtain CompTIA Security+

  • It is vendor-neutral

The knowledge and skills learned in the CompTIA Security+ program are core IT skills that cut across platforms. This means that you will be able to work with a variety of products and services from different vendors. With this certification, there will be no limits to the directions your career can take.

  • It keeps your skills up to date

CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) program tracks changes in IT technologies thus ensuring that your skills meet the needs of the IT market, thus they are relevant and up to date. This will earn you a place at top the top of your profession since you will be able to conveniently work with various technologies and implement the best security practices.

  • It is a key to better opportunities

IT is a dynamic field that continuously experiences evolving technologies. This process creates new job roles for IT professionals. When you are Security+ certified, you will be better placed for the position of your dream since CompTIA keeps you current on emerging technologies through its Continuing Education Program.


The vendor-neutral CompTIA Security+ is a handy certification for professionals in cybersecurity. It gives you a freedom to pursue opportunities in whatever direction of your dreams. The SY0-501 exam associated with this credential has now been made easier to pass, by ExamSnapas mentioned in the exam preparation section. Want to get closer to your dreams? Visit ExamSnap, pass your exam easily and be on your way!

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