All You Need to Know About Dota 2 Esports Competition 2023

The International, which in 2011 gathered together the top Dota teams and established a new standard for a champion’s trophy, completely revolutionized the look of professional gaming. Since its inception, the Dota Pro Circuit has grown into fierce competition worldwide and across the calendar. Every player continues to be fixated on a single objective: winning at The International. With the beginning of the 2023 DPC season, players and fans can expect this year to be packed with excitement and intense gaming action.

The DPC Format

The structure of the 2023 season will be primarily the same as the last season.

➢  Seasons:

The Dota Pro Circuit’s competitive season lasts around one calendar year and usually begins in the fall and ends in the summer of the following year.

➢  Tours:

Each DPC Season features three Tours. A Tour consists of one Regional League and one Major event. These Tours allow the competing teams to rack up DPC points, which are the most definite route for consistent teams to get promoted to The International.

➢  Regional Leagues & Majors:

Each Regional League is a round-robin event, and the victorious teams get the opportunity to compete in the Season’s Major. The Majors are elimination-style competitions where the best teams compete for cash prizes and vital DPC points.

➢  The International:

After completing all three Tours in a DPC Season, the final road to The International begins. Seats at The International are guaranteed for the top 12 teams with the highest DPC point totals following the Tours.

With this grand finale, the Dota Pro Circuit Season ends. The winning team at The International is crowned the Dota 2 World Champions, receives a sizable cash award, and hoists the Aegis of Champions to commemorate their rightful place in Dota history.

New DPC Season and Major Tournaments

As a frosty Diretide ends, we greet both a new year and the long-awaited return of competitive Dota.

As the Winter Tour kicks off the 2023 DPC Season, fans worldwide are invited to follow the complete schedule and standings of the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments. The action kicked off on January 6 with a regional tournament in China, and the remaining five regions joined on Sunday, January 8.

Support your favorite teams as they compete to win vital DPC points and prestigious slots at three Major events that will be held on the way to The International. The Lima Major, which 4D Esports host, will be open to teams that perform well throughout the Winter Tour. The Berlin Major, hosted by ESL, will serve as another opportunity during the Spring Tour, while the Bali Major, hosted by IO Esports, will be the closing event of the Summer Tour.

There will be a Dota 2 Major in South America (The Lima Major) for the first time in the tournament’s history. Since South American Dota 2 has advanced significantly over the past few years and has a dedicated fanbase, it is only reasonable that a DPC Major be held there. The fact that all three Majors will be held on different continents is usually advantageous, given Dota 2’s widespread popularity.

These DPC Tours provide the most reliable route for consistent teams to secure invites to the pinnacle tournament, even if history has demonstrated that unexpected underdogs can undoubtedly contend for the Aegis at The International.

Cap on the Verge of Quitting Casting due to Health Issues

One of the community’s most favored play-by-play Dota 2 casters, Austin “Cap” Walsh, disclosed that he was earlier diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a “rare, chronic, and progressive liver condition that currently has no treatment.”

He said that while he has been able to manage his sickness with prescribed medication, the symptoms have become worse in recent years. He said that last year, he even considered retiring from casting.

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, you should know what to expect from the Dota 2 tournament 2023 and what not to do. Despite being one of the most well-known multiplayer games in the world in April 2022, it is undeniable that Dota 2 has lost a significant portion of its player base over the past few years, with just a limited number of new players joining in. However, its Esports market is regarded as one of the best in this industry.

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