Alawar Releases New Shareware Title

Alawar Entertainment (, a leading publisher of shareware games for players of all ages, has released Strike Ball, a 3D accelerated brick-busting game from Owl Studio.

As in Alawar's popular Magic Ball game, the player uses a bat at the bottom of the screen to hit a ball that destroys bricks at the top of the display. To set itself apart, Alawar's new arcade offering allows the player to demolish elaborate animated scenes taken from the real world. Among the scenarios in Strike Ball is a level in which three battleships are attacking an enemy fortification. Players also have the opportunity to tear down an elaborate tank and stop bulls from rampaging across an open plain. Strike Ball contains four episodes totaling 50 levels.

Strike Ball also introduces several enhancements to the classic Arkanoid-style gameplay at its core. Among the improvements are gun emplacements on eitherside of each level that can be activated with a
special bonus. (Some levels contain suspended bricks that are beyond the reach of the ball – but not the guns.) Also, when a level approaches completion, Strike Ball spawns a bonus that allows the player to advance to the next map, thereby eliminating the tedium of clearing away a few pesky bricks.

Rounding out Strike Ball's features are 20 bonuses,three difficulty levels, multiple control options and
visual effects by artists who've worked on Hollywood films. What's more, Owl Studios is working on additional levels and bonuses that will be available as free upgrades for registered users.

Visit to view screenshots, download a demo and purchase the full version of the game.

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