Air Power Game Changes Name

Shockwave Productions, the critically acclaimed developer of FirePower, announces today that it has officially changed the name of it's upcoming PC title Air Power to Wings of Power: WW II Heavy Bombers and Jets for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Shockwave chose Wings of Power because it is a better representation of the titles content and sim-play.

"The first thing you will notice when you pick up a Wings of Power game, there's something substantial to it; it's not just a hollow box. That's because there is a thick manual inside, and it is full of valuable and hard-to-find information pertaining to all the planes, including blueprints, engineer's notes, etc., that all will find fascinating. The beauty is, even with all of this tremendous attention to detail, you can still just throw the throttle forward and fly away. However, for those out there that live for realism and depth, Wings of Power will deliver on a scale never seen before," said Tim Gallagher of Shockwave Productions.

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