A Look Back At Capcom’s Zombie-Slaying Classic, Dead Rising 2

Each year, we’re able to bear witness to new video game capabilities. But sometimes, it’s good to look back so we don’t forget some of the video games we hold so fondly in our hearts, where we may not be able to witness or capture that same magic again. After all, a little nostalgia never hurt anyone. In this article, we’re talking about Dead Rising 2 (2010).

Gracing the Xbox 360 console back in 2010 (and later released on PC and future PlayStation consoles for backward compatibility), Dead Rising 2 came 4 years after the series’ entry, Dead Rising (2006).  The first Dead Rising was revolutionary for its time – never had we witnessed so many zombies on one screen, offering a new, innovative hash-and-slash experience like no other. When Dead Rising 2 was released, it took the series to new heights. With a larger map, more inventive weapons and customization options, Dead Rising 2 arguably improved on everything from the first installment.

The Gameplay

This time, players would play through the eyes of ex-motocross racer, Chuck Green, and his zombified playground would be Fortune City, a fictional Las Vegas-themed shopping and entertainment complex. The setting alone was enough to offer a fresh experience for fans by incorporating the modern but classic casino setting where players could play poker and slots to win prizes to help them through their journey. Players could also get the most out of casino mini-games by collecting the three gambling magazines around the map. Players who possess all three receive bigger rewards and bonuses. When we think about modern casinos in an online setting, websites also provide helpful tools for players to get more out of their gambling sessions, like free UK spins and no deposit. It’s clear Capcom wanted to give something extra for players to invite them into that world, much like what you see outside of the screen.

The Story

If you’re a parent, perhaps the story of Dead Rising 2 will resonate with you more than its predecessor. Although Dead Rising is known for its whacky antics and unrealistic scenarios, some serious tones bear a lot of weight. Chuck is a father, fighting to survive and protect his 7-year-old daughter, Katie. He pushes his boundaries and, beyond slaying zombies, embarks on a path of self-discovery as he learns what it takes to do what he can for his daughter. Along the way, you empathise with Chuck, and you can feel his fatherly instincts play out every step of the way. But father duties aside, Chuck also fights to understand what caused the outbreak in Fortune City, and his selfless and courageous personality sees him guiding vulnerable survivors scattered around the mall to the safe house and defeating memorable psychos, a formula that worked really well in the first game.

All in all, Dead Rising 2 is a gem that still holds up today. It’s a title that managed to understand what made the first game such a success, then taking these aspects and redefining them for the sequel. It created a zombie slasher that was both brilliant and creative.

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