4 Great Games You Can Play On Desktop As Well As Mobile

Due to the accelerated growth of the mobile games industry, designers who initially created their games for desktops are now looking to port their titles to support mobile play. You can now play many desktop games on a mobile and vice versa.

This includes games that range across several genres, including action, role play, sports and science fiction. While there are dozens of excellent games for desktop and mobile, we will narrow it down to our pick of the top four games available across these devices.


The online casino industry has taken the technology that has underpinned some of the best mobile games over the last decade and implemented these graphics into their games. It has been an ingenious move and has proven extremely profitable, as these companies continue to make money, even as other industries struggle in the current economic climate.

You can find no deposit bonus casinos that allow you to play more games without having to stake your own money continually. This could include free spins or heightened odds on a specific number if it lands in roulette. The general premise of European roulette is that the table is numbered between 0-36. American roulette works the same way, except a double zero on the wheel pushes the odds further into the house’s favor.

If you bet on individual numbers, you could lose your money quickly. The odds are 35/1, so some players prefer an approach where you bet on much smaller odds. This includes betting on a group of red or black numbers split evenly down the board and the same with odd numbers or even numbers. Casino game designers now offer a range of roulette variations on mobile devices due to the seemingly ever-growing expansion of the industry, so rather than having to turn on your laptop or PC, you can simply play a round or two on your phone.


All the points we have made in the above section can also apply to blackjack. Blackjack is a card-based casino game where you must hit 21 or get as close to it as possible without going over the total. You win the game if you beat the house and other players at the table. Despite the house being a slight favorite in the odds, many players prefer to play blackjack as there can be an element of strategy and probability involved. It isn’t just a game of total luck like roulette.

Slot games

Arguably, the games that have benefitted most from the advances in mobile gaming are slot game titles. Before the dawn of the internet, slot machines took a glistening and noticeable location on casino floors.

While they still enjoy this luxury, and many gamblers take to the casino floor to play these games, many more are looking to play slot games online. This includes both desktop gamers and mobile gamers. Casino game designers are looking to take advantage of this trend as the world becomes more focused on mobile devices.

They are doing this in several ways. However, the primary focus is to create more engaging titles on mobile devices while maintaining the same popularity as their desktop versions. This varies from basing the games on popular films, TV series and cartoons. Slot game titles have benefitted from improved computer graphics, connectivity speed and innovative design.


There are many varieties of poker, but they are all accessible on mobile and desktop platforms. For instance, video poker rose to prominence in the 1980s when digital technology and computers began to feature more heavily on casino floors. The internet has now provided a platform for people to play against each other in tournaments worldwide.

As more of us switch from desktop devices to mobile devices, casino providers have noticed this trend. This is why they have begun to move toward creating games that are more focused on these platforms than desktops.


Within the four categories we have discussed today, there are plenty of engaging games. We discussed video poker in the poker section and that you can choose hundreds of slot machine titles, many of which offer something different and unique. Blackjack and roulette are also games that have many variations.

Lightning roulette is one option where specific numbers are selected as multipliers of x10 or x50 to send your jackpot into orbit if you land the right number. Whatever you choose to play, make sure you always keep gambling a fun experience; when the fun stops, so should you.

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