3 of the Most Popular Musical Slot Machines Online And How They’ve Achieved Their Status

The world of online gambling has something for everyone these days. Since the birth of online gambling, there have been many fads that momentarily grabbed the attention of the online gambling community only for it to fizzle out shortly after, and then there are those that stood the test of time with leading contributing factors that keep you glued to the experience. Online slot machines are designed to keep your attention on the screen with bright colors and great music as the winning recipe for their success. It’s a perfectly planned system to keep you enthralled, hopeful, excited, and stimulated.

That stimulation has birthed a whole new world of online slots games, namely “musical slots’. These days, there are tons of slot machines designed with music lovers in mind who stand a better chance of winning at these slots or on similar casino networks. While playing you are serenaded by anything from samba, jazz, rock ‘n roll, or R’nB hits – there’s even something for the headbangers out there, with many slots dedicated to heavy metal

The whole thing is an experience from viewing full concerts of their favorite artists to joining in on the action. These games allow you the possibility to win money while getting closer to your favorite artist and with such a wide variety to choose from, there is a slot machine for everyone. Join us as we dig a little deeper into the overall experience of musical slots as well as take a look at 3 of the top musical slots peaking in popularity.

Motörhead video slot

Before we tell you the perks of this experience, we think it’s important to give you a bit of background information on the band. “Lemmy” Kilmister, the bassist who started this British rock band in 1975 alongside guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox, sadly passed away in 2015 kicking off a major revival in their music. Motörhead pioneered their style of heavy metal music in the late 70s’with their unique metal-driven soundtracks, yet they claim to have a lot more in common with punk bands.  By 2018, all three original band members had passed away.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Motorhead video slot is thriving, colorful and captivating with its 5 reels and 76 paylines. This game is based on the band and allows the player to join the band members on a virtual live music stage. In true Motorhead style, the music is blasting loudly over speakers which gives the player the option of different sound levels by clicking “rock mode”. There are many exciting bonus levels to the game with Mystery Reel features, Bomber features as well as Free Spin features.

Above all, the most thrilling experience of this game is the adrenaline-pumping music that makes the overall experience leave you wanting more and seriously considering turning up the volume.

Dancing Drums

Yes, we were as surprised as you are, but numbers don’t lie. This game is an online casino game that thoroughly embraces the Asian culture with 5-reels and a 3-row grid. Amazingly there are a whopping 243 ways to win as classic, traditional Asian soundtracks pleasantly boost your gaming experience while adding comfort to your eardrums – if Asian hits are your thing.

The two bonus features are the Fu Babies Jackpot Bonus and the Free Spins round with the Fu Babies potentially allowing you one out of four awards. These awards include Mini, Minor, Major, or a Grand award. This game has an RTP (Return To Player) of 96% due to its amazing drumming sounds, hence the name “Dancing Drums”. Think of rhythm, think of beat, think of drumming sounds that work with your heartbeat, and combine them all, that is why “Dancing Drum” is one of the most popular online Music slots online right now.

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot

If you are not familiar with Ozzy and his band Black Sabbath, you might know Ozzy Osbourne due to his and his family’s reality TV series, The Osbournes. Metal music-themed slots seem to be thriving as there are mostly old-school classic-based games in the Global Top 5 musical online slots countdown. Amongst the heavy metal-themed games, the other top musical slots are based on the greats, like Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses.

The Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot is jam-packed with great rock-themed slots that get anyone excited doesn’t matter what genre of music you are into. The game was developed by NetEnt and offers spectacular game playing as players are greeted by the man himself, Ozzy Osbourne while he sits on his throne with the famous soundtrack ” Mr. Crowley ” blasting comfortably in your eardrums. There are three rows, five slots, and 20 fixed pay lines all beautifully nestled in the 1980s’ comic-book style visual experience.

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