180Solutions Acquires Full Armor Studios

180solutions, a provider of search marketing solutions, today announced its entrance into the gaming industry with the acquisition of game development firm, Full Armor Studios and the launch of Zango Games. Zango Games is the latest addition to Zango, 180solutions’ service that offers online content and software publishers new and more effective means of monetizing their assets. In addition, Zango now provides game publishers extensive new distribution and revenue channels that extend the lifecycle of video and PC games.

"Online gaming will continue its explosive growth especially with new and innovative business models made possible by the Internet," said Keith Smith,
co-founder and CEO of 180solutions. "Zango allows game developers to focus on doing what they do best, creating great content. Zango Games provides wide scale distribution and a new and more robust revenue stream for developers while connecting consumers to the latest online games for free. Today’s announcement with Full Armor will be the first of many gaming relationships the company will forge over the coming months."

"180solutions’ acquisition of Full Armor Studios is the company’s first step
towards becoming a publisher and distributor of free, premium, downloadable
PC game titles as it aggressively pursues numerous partnerships in the gaming industry," said Charles Balas, director of business development for games at 180solutions. "Zango Games will fuel industry growth by connecting developers and publishers with alternative, profitable marketing and delivery channels while providing complimentary game downloads to Zango users."

"We created Full Armor Studios so that we could enrich and entertain millions of gamers around the globe," said Kendall Kunz, founder and CEO of Full Armor Studios. "The Zango business model is unrivaled in the industry,
facilitating the mass distribution of Full Armor games and offering premium downloads to the Zango user base, all for free. As an integral part of Zango, we can continue making high quality games at a much faster pace."

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