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Video Game Tuesday: Question Regarding Open World Games

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back for this week’s Video Game Tuesday with a bit of a strange post. It’s a Question Regarding Open World Games!

Here is my question, how do you play an Open World Game? What I mean is do you go off exploring at the first opportunity and go take care of any side activities before getting to the main story of the game? Or do you take care of the main storyline of the game and then go into exploring the world and taking care of various side activities?

For me I tend to go off on my own for a few reasons, one because I often get various upgrades and items if I go exploring as soon as possible. However the main reason is often to get used to controlling the game character so I can get comfortable with the movement system of the game so I don’t go falling off platforming sections or getting used to the “driving” controls so I can deal with any type of movement. The fact that it often lets me collect tons of useful upgrades like the various tech upgrades in Watch Dogs 2 is just icing on the cake. Of course when I do get back to the main storyline I’m often incredibly overpowered or have so much useful equipment that it makes dealing with the various story missions much easier.

To use my Watch Dogs 2 example by the time I was done exploring and getting various upgrades in that game I could use the flying drone to effortlessly deal with pretty much any situation in the main story and never have to enter a restricted area with Marcus, and if I had to interact with a computer I could use the RC drone after clearing out the area of any enemies using various bombs if I couldn’t use environment effects like a burst pipe.  I’d often just park outside the area with Marcus in a car and just use those two drones to deal with anyone and everything. I’d either use bombs or call in the cops to deal with enemies if the environment didn’t have many places to deal with them.

Leave your answer in the comments below, I’m interested in seeing how others play games like that.

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2 thoughts on “Video Game Tuesday: Question Regarding Open World Games”

  1. In Fallout 4 I spent so much time building up settlements and going on side and faction quests that it was about a year or more in-game time before I remembered to start looking for my son. So yes, I tend to dive deep into any open world, assuming the game world is at least interesting to explore. Games like the GTA series sometimes throw odd situations at you too, so there are things to do even if you are not actively on a mission. I think that is important too. It’s cant just be an open world with nothing in it. There has to be secrets and side quests.

  2. I, too, go off adventuring before tackling the main quest. I do it that way for all the reasons you stated as well as, for me, finishing the main quest is akin to completing the game; so I save it for last.

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