Video Game Tuesday: Post Holidays Reader Survey

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m interrupting your regular Video Game Tuesday with a short questionnaire that I’d love to see people answer in the comments below.  It’s my Post Holidays Reader Survey

Did you get the chance to buy a “Next-Gen” Console this year? Personally as of writing this, the day before Thanksgiving I haven’t been able to even order a PlayStation 5 which is making things somewhat difficult to play the latest and greatest games.

If Yes, What Has Been Your Favorite Game?

If No, What Is the Game You Anticipate The Most? Well for me I’m looking forward to playing Watch Dogs Legion the most, but I’ll admit that Miles Morales looks amazing on the PlayStation 5.

Please do comment down below, we at GiN don’t get enough of them as it is, so this is a very blatant attempt at getting some more reader interaction going on!

2 thoughts on “Video Game Tuesday: Post Holidays Reader Survey”

  1. I didn’t even attempt to get a new console. I always wait 6 months to a year – I’d do this with any new product; gives them time to work the kinks out. This go round, though, I don’t know if/when I’ll be jumping onboard. Don’t want the new Xbox because it won’t work if you’re not online. I was heartbroken with Sony’s decision to not allow you to copy saves to a USB drive – the cynic in me says they did that to force you to pay monthly for their cloud service. Well, screw it, I’ll wait & hope they change their minds & update the console – otherwise, I’ll stick with my PS4. It may sound like a small thing, but I play long games (generally >100 hours) so having a backup save is important. Aside from rent, utilities, internet, I don’t have a pile of monthly bills, & I’m not going to start now!!

    1. Thanks for the reply, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I agree with you on the saves thing though in regards to the PS5, though since I can’t buy a PlayStation 5 I’m enjoying the hell out of Persona 5 Royal since I haven’t moved my PlayStation 4 downstairs to use as a media center instead of a gaming device like I have my old PlayStation 3 doing at the moment.

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