Video Game Tuesday: Destiny and what I want in the full game

Michael Blaker
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So for this Video Game Tuesday, since I’m drawing up empty on recent games that I’ve played, and since my computer is uttering it’s death rattle; I’m going to talk about what I want from the full game of Destiny. Feel free to check out my various posts on the Beta [Day 1Day 2-6Final Impressions] and Alpha [Day 1 | Day 2 Day 3].

Plot: I want a good plot that lets me explore the magnificent world of Destiny at my own pace. From my impressions of the story missions so far I’m really impressed. I have one major hope that Bungie won’t include really significant plot lines in the Raid portion of the game, because as I’ve gotten older I’ve had less and less time to game. I love stories, which is why I have a blog in the first place, and I don’t want to be held back from experiencing the story because I can’t find 5 good teammates to complete a Raid.

Gameplay: I want each of the subclasses to play differently, but not be so overpowered in PvP or PvE that I feel like I have to play as a certain subclass to be effective. So far from what I can tell from the Beta and Alpha I shouldn’t be too worried. I also would love it if the Bladedancer subclass’s super gives me a third person view while I have the super active. Because I want to feel like a bad ass blade user in a cloak.

PvE: I want to be able to, even if it’s really difficult, to be able to fight against things from Strikes in Exploration mode. I also would love it if all enemies dropped glimmer, even if its only 1 or 2 per kill for grunt level enemies. Finally lots and lots of side quests need to be improved so that you don’t have to constantly run around the entire area from one end to another. I’d get a quest near the Strike starting point in Old Russia and it would be where all the crashed boats were. It’s a minor thing, but if they improved that it would help a lot.

PvP: I’ve touched upon this in my previous posts about the Beta, but I don’t want to see everyone running around with an Auto Rifle, think Assault rifle from Halo. I’d like to see more variance in PvP, so people don’t feel like they are forced to use the “Best Weapon type”. I’d also love to see a few more vehicle laden maps, there was just one in the Alpha and Beta and I wish there were more. One last thing is an 8v8 playlist, I love Big Team Battle in the Halo series and I’d be saddened if they didn’t include something similar in Destiny.

Art: I want to see lots and lots of interesting armor for people to collect, and hey Bungie if you are reading this please make Armor Shader’s useable more than once. I love the color blue personally, so if you are playing on the Playstation 4 and see a Bladedancer Hunter in blue armor cutting swathes through a horde of enemies, it might even be me!

Music: I loved the music in the Beta and Alpha and I can’t wait to hear what Venus and Mars have for musical tracks.

Overall: I’m super stoked to be playing Destiny on September 9th, it can’t come any sooner for me. Also if you have pre-ordered the game via Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store you can pre-load the game starting now for the Xbox One and on September 7th for the PlayStation 4.

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