Video Game Tuesday: Destiny 2 Speculation

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I promised some friends of mine to mention them in an article, and I thought of a perfect way of doing so!

Preface: I’m only including one name of each person in order to preserve their anonymity. Also I did this on the spur of the moment and I’m writing this last minute with a raging fever and racking cough. Please forgive any errors in spelling, grammar or anything else that may occur.

My clan’s wants for Destiny 2:

Chris: He wants Destiny to become more of an MMO than it already is, he prefers the way MMO’s do somethings (like expanded Inventory and Hotkey functionality)

Craig: Expanded Story, someone had to say it! Hopefully next week’s The Dark Below brings a more coherent story to Destiny in-game.

Lantner: He wants more loot to flow like Borderlands games; personally I think the way they do it already is okay, they just need to up the chances of getting gear from drops instead of Ascendant Materials.

Sean: He wants the story to be like Interstellar, in fact he just wants Bungie to straight up use that as the backstory. Unfortunately I think this is very unlikely to happen due to copyright infringements.

Feldman: He wants the Grimoire cards in game and in the loading screens (how about placing an unread Grimoire Card in the loading screens Bungie?)

Al: He wants Minigames (Like Racing or Spaceship flying; they would be completely optional and players could avoid the hassle by choosing to enjoy a loading screen instead in between planets and the Tower.) Please do this!

Myself: I’d love to be able to fly around in my Outrageous Fortune and blast enemy ships in a “Hyperspace” like tunnel ala star fox or hell Bungie’s excellent Space flight section of Halo: Reach.

Other comments that got thrown out during the conversation that I gathered answers in; but I can’t remember due to that raging fever who said what:

Exotic lore in game maybe through their bounty quests? Something like learning what the grimoire cards tell about some Exotics like Thorn’s ones.

No Exotics earned through PvP. Lots of players hate the Crucible, and while I enjoy a game every month or so, I don’t want to grind for an exotic for hours in it.

What do you want in Destiny 2. Leave a comment below and I’ll probably respond shortly thereafter (it all depends on this cold I got).

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