TNT: Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapters 81-120 by Fenglin Tianxia

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the third set of chapters in Chu Yangs quest! It’s Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapters 81-120 by Fenglin Tianxia!

Plot Synopsis: Having recovered the first fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang left his sect to travel to the neighboring nation of Iron Cloud on a mission from the Sect Leader. He encounters a doctor renowned throughout the Nine Heavens and quickly befriends him and his escorts. However on their first night they are ambushed by a team of elite troops from Iron Cloud sent by their crown prince in order to stop the doctor from making it to Iron Cloud. By using his wits he outwits the commander and takes him hostage while ensuring safe passage for himself, the doctor and the doctor’s escorts. Having  made it to Iron Cloud Capital Chu Yang decides to ingratiate himself into the political scene by setting up a shop of “Divine” weapons, where for his first customer he meets Gu Ding, a young scion who would become world famous in the future according to Chu Yang’s previous life before coming back to life as a 16 year old. He quickly becomes sworn brothers with Gu Ding and they decide to become the best in the world together. However a young woman comes to the shop as they are drinking together, in order to look at the merchandise.

Plot: These chapters really show the brilliance of the author and how he sets himself apart from most typical Xianxia, with how Chu Yang handles himself. I won’t spoil anything, but Chu Yang shows a really bad ass side of himself we only hints of in the past chapters.

Characters: We get some real treasures for the real great newcomers in this set of chapters, but they aren’t as great as characters introduced in the previous 80 chapters. That being said Cheng Zi An is probably my favorite of the newcomers. But Chu Yang is the real star still.

Overall: I keep saying this, but you really ought to try reading this series if you haven’t given a chance yet, these chapters showcase some of the best the author has to offer.

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