TNT: Praise the Orc Chapters 160-190 by Lee Jungmin

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’ve got the penultimate set of chapters in Crockta’s journey. It’s Praise the Orc Chapters 160-190 by Lee Jungmin!

Plot Synopsis: Having returned from the North a victor and even more famous, Crockta now is on a journey to stop the atrocities that his fellow players are committing, while not even knowing the truth behind Elder Lord. His quest for answers has given him some that he didn’t even think was possible, but now that he has them he knows what he must do.

Plot: This is a really solid set of chapters and while it’s not the climax of the story, it does set up the events leading to that. I won’t spoil anything else, frankly I feel like I already have said too much.

Characters: We get a few new faces, but mostly it’s old familiar faces we are dealing with. Tiyo and Crockta are still my two favorite characters, and these chapters just cement that opinion I have.

Overall: This is a series that’s worth reading, while not being absolutely spectacular it’s pretty darn good.

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