TNT: Praise the Orc Chapters 121-160 by Lee Jungmin

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the fourth set of chapters in Crockta’s quest for answers to questions. It’s Praise the Orc Chapters 121-160 by Lee Jungmin!

Plot Synopsis: Having learned the truth behind Elder Lord, Ian has resolved to find his own path as the Orc Crockta in truth. However he still has a war to win against the Northern Orc chieftain Calmaheart…

Plot: This set of chapters is where the plot gets quite interesting, with the revelation about Elder Lord having just occurred and Crockta having to fight in the Northern war. I won’t go any further into that to avoid spoilers, but I will say that if you’ve stuck with the story though this point you are over halfway done with the story.

Characters: We get introduced to quite a few new faces, but also some old ones. Still my favorite is Tiyo.

Overall: A really solid set of chapters, Praise the Orc is hurtling to the finish line!

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