TNT: Death March Volume 06 by Ainana Hiro

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m back with the sixth arc of Satou’s adventures. It’s Death March Volume 06 by Ainana Hiro!

Plot Synopsis: Having added Mia and Nana to their group, Satou and company finally set off for adventures after a brief return to Seryuu City in order to determine what to do with Mia. Having decided to head towards the homeland of the Elves where Mia grew up, Satou sets off again and begins trying to learn how to chant for magic.

Plot: This is a pretty long arc/volume it’s much longer than any previous arc so expect plenty of action, drama, and Satou getting surrounded by girls vying for his attention.

Characters: We really get to meet Mia and Nana for the first time in this arc, and I have to admit that I enjoy Nana quite a bit, she’s very funny in her speech patterns. Arisa and Mia hit it off and proceed to make life for Satou difficult. We get to meet some new characters as well, Karina probably being my favorite of the new ones, although she is a bit ditzy.  The rest of the newcomers are all great though.

Overall: An excellent and very satisfying arc, if you weren’t hooked by this point, this arc has everything in it that makes Death March such a great series.

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