The Year 2020 has sucked

Michael Blaker
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I interrupt your regularly scheduled Video Game Tuesday with a post that has me complaining about various things. The Year 2020 has sucked!

Yeah so what?: Well we are well into the last 6th of the year, and I’m seriously hoping that as of the writing of this (It’s August 29th, so sue me I like to write well in advance) that things have calmed down.

I’m going to guess they haven’t though, but that’s because I’m a pessimist and fatalist who rarely if ever sees the bright side of things. By the time you are reading this the US Election season is going to be in full swing and I expect that to absolutely suck. I hope we vote out the man that has so ruined so much of my country’s international reputation next month, and at least we’ll all be voting from the comforts of our homes, I hope. Seriously I’ve voted from home every year since I turned 18, and it’s been that way in Oregon for the entirety of my life, and it’s never not worked out just fine and dandy for everyone. There has never been voter fraud and we get some of the highest voter turnouts in the country because of it. You can fill out the ballot on your own time without being at the polls surrounded by strangers who don’t care about you except that they want you to hurry the hell up.

We’ve all missed various events, and lots of people have died. I haven’t been affected directly by COVID-19, nor has any of my family that I know of as writing this, but it still has caused me to miss out on a trip to visit the other half of my family down in California. I hope, but not realistically expect, that I’ll be in Cali sometime soon, but we’ll see if that works out. We’ve lost some of our best and brightest due to various illnesses other than COVID-19 though, like Chadwick Boseman who played T’Challa in the movie Black Panther and did one hell of a job of it.

We’ve all been stuck at home for various periods of time, with working from home and learning from home becoming our new normal. As of this writing it’s looking like school will be fully distanced learning here in Oregon for the next school year, which is going to suck for a lot of kids. However it is the safest way to curtail the spread of COVID so I hope people don’t complain about that too much. A school opening up and doing full in person classes is just asking for trouble, and our leaders know this, well at least most of them do.

Speaking of Oregon as of this writing the protests are still going on nightly in Portland, which is frustrating for many of us Oregonians. It’s for a good cause for the most part, but the fact that they turn violent for little reason is just aggravating at this point. I used to live in a tiny studio apartment during my college years that was only a block or two from a clothing store that sold fur coats, it had protests going on daily and it was incredibly difficult to work on my projects when that was going on.

That’s it for this post, sorry that you all had to listen to me complain. I hope most of my concerns aren’t well founded and proven to be just pessimism, but we’ll see by the time this post goes live won’t we?

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