Synth Saturday: New Battlefield Chapters 1-5 by operation.meteor

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m taking a break from the adventures of Taylor and Varga for this week’s Synth Saturday. This week it’s Gundam Wing: Journey to a New Battlefield Chapters 1-5 by operation.meteor!

Plot: The premise of this Fic is that it takes Heero Yuy and Wing Zero shortly after the end of Gundam Wing in the AC era and places him into the world of Gundam Seed shortly after the start of the show but before the Archangel meets up with the 8th fleet of the Atlantic Federation, around the time of Episode 8. It takes one of the most interesting characters in the various Gundam series and places them smack dab into yet another war that’s raging across the Earth Sphere.  The fact it seriously shakes up Canon and yet still follows it pretty closely is very nice.

Characters: The cast is the standard you’d be used to from the beginning of Seed though obviously Heero is one of the main characters, with the Archangel being in the forefront for a lot of the action. I will admit that there are some Original Characters that the writer used, but frankly they only add to the story and they are rather needed to prevent Heero from curb stomping the crap out of everyone else given the capabilities of Wing Zero. More do pop up later on in the story, but again it’s never poorly done and they add rather than subtract from the story.

Overall: This is very much a Fic for any Gundam fans out there, it takes the two series and adds to them in a rather masterfully done manner.

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