Synth Saturday: Constellations Chapters 41-50 by UnwelcomeStorm

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another set of chapters in one of my favorite Fics for this week’s Synth Saturday. It’s Constellations Chapters 41-50 by UnwelcomeStorm!

Plot: This set of chapters deals with the aftermath of Chapter 40 and is pretty hilarious as is usual with this Fic. Honestly I enjoy reading this Fic because it just makes me laugh, and this set of chapters doesn’t fail to live up to that purpose at all. Plus seeing Taylor lay down the law is always fun.

Characters: We don’t get introduced to any real new characters sadly in this set of chapters, but it does wrap up a few character arcs. I won’t spoil who those are though.

Overall: A great set of chapters, that will definitely make you laugh.

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