Synth Saturday: Constellations Chapters 1-10 by UnwelcomeStorm

Michael Blaker
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This week for Synth Saturday I’m back with another amusing Fic. It’s Constellations Chapters 1-10 by UnwelcomeStorm!

Plot: This is a crossover between Worm (Parahumans) and Okami. It’s also freaking hilarious, it has me routinely laughing from the sheer audacity that UnwelcomeStorm has written in what is generally a pretty dark story. Frankly it’s my favorite kind of Crossover because it takes the original story and completely changes it by introducing a Wildcard from another series. These first ten chapters set up the rest of the series. I won’t go to much into it, but if you love Worm and wanted to see a different and happier take on that story, Constellations is the Fic for you.

Characters: Taylor and Amaterasu are our two main characters. Frankly I love the fact that Ammy gets up to some crazy things, including somehow winning over some of the scariest characters in the entire series like Oni Lee. The fact that Ammy likes to screw with Armsmaster is also pretty funny.

Overall: This is a great Fic, frankly it’s in my must read category simply because of how much it makes me laugh. That alone is a rather rare treat for someone like me.

For those who like: Worm, Okami, Comedy, Action, Urban Fantasy, Great Plot, Fantastic Cast of Characters, Severe Plot Deviation.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but you really ought to give this a chance.


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