Shoujo Saturday: Shiroi no Koukoku Monogatari by Shirasawa Inui [Quick Review]

Michael Blaker
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This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m covering a series I found recently but only had time for one chapter. That means it’s a Quick Review! It’s Shiroi no Koukoku Monogatari by Shirasawa Inui!

Plot Synopsis: Having lost his money, lover, and future, a man who has given up on everything finds himself reincarnated in the kingdom of Altodestenia. He, Lectival, has no memories prior to being saved by Meriela, the daughter of an aristocrat, and now finds himself rising up to save the kingdom in it’s current crisis.

Plot: The plot seems pretty good, and I’ll be reading the rest of the released chapters very soon, I’ll probably cover the full series next week.

Characters: Meriela and Lect seem to be pretty freaking awesome main character, but I’m hoping the cast expands soon, granted I’ve only read one chapter so far.

Art: The art is amazing, but that may be a problem of poor raw scans. Either way though I think it’s the plot and characters that will make this a good series, and not the art.

Overall: I’m interested enough to keep reading and I’ll have a full review up very soon™.

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