Shoujo Saturday: M3 the dark metal

Michael Blaker
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This week for Shoujo Saturday, I’m covering a series that could’ve had me watching it every week if not for one character. It’s M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane, or M3 the dark metal in english.

Plot Synopsis: The story focuses on a group of 4 boys and 4 girls who met, when they were younger, in a realm full of darkness. A mysterious substance called Necrometal devours or infects anything that comes within a certain distance of a place called the Lightless Realm. It starts at an ordinary school in a city of close proximity to the Lightless Realm and focus’s on Akashi for the most part. Akashi is no. 1 in the school when using the training bots to defeat schoolmates and is first seen fighting his best friend and defeating him. A man approaches him with an invitation to join a special force that is tasked with defeating the Corpses and uncovering the secrets of the Lightless Realm. Fast forward some time and a Corpse appears which has the power to “kill” people who hear its song.

Plot: The premise is really interesting, and I even enjoyed this show for a while, but the plot wasn’t interesting enough for me to keep watching the monster Miss Dark and Moody, I don’t even remember her name, except that she’s overly dark and annoys me for some reason.

Characters: Most of the characters are interesting, with one of them being a janitor before joining this mysterious Mecha squad comprised of people supposed to become Ace pilots. That said the person that ruined this show for me, she’s the one with the book in the picture above, is so overly melodramatic and whiny that I couldn’t keep watching this show. Maybe she’s just there to be cannon fodder, but I still don’t care enough to watch the rest of this series.

Art: The art is a mix between Shoujo, with an emphasis on Shoujo, and standard Shonen Mecha. It’s not bad, just not enough for me to listen to Miss Dark and Moody whine again.

Music: The music is fairly decent, the 2nd ending is sung by nano who I enjoy a lot. Same issue with the music that I had with the art, it’s not enough for me to struggle through Miss Dark and Moody.

Overall: I’d avoid this series, but if you really love Mecha series and must watch every single one you might enjoy this series.

For those who like: Decent Art, Okay Music, Decent Plot Premise.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or annoyingly melodramatic characters.


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