Retro Game Friday: Pokemon Colosseum

Michael Blaker
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Hey all this week for Retro Game Friday I’m back with the spiritual successor to the Pokemon Stadium games. It’s Pokemon Colosseum!

Plot: Honestly the plot is not the greatest, but this is a Pokemon game, you don’t play it for the story.

Gameplay: Unlike most Pokemon games there is no Random Encounters and you only gain party members by stealing them from your opponents. Honestly looking back at this the entire thing with theft as a gameplay element really set this entry apart from the rest of the series. Still this was the first true 3D RPG in the series so it sold really well.

Art: Sadly the art has aged incredibly poorly, but given that this is a 3D game from the era of the GameCube that isn’t a huge surprise.

Music: Pure Pokemon, though with some unique takes on the classic music as well.

Overall: A fairly decent RPG, but not quite the same as the mainline Pokemon games.

For those who like: Pokemon, RPGs, Action, Adventure.

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