Retro Game Friday: P.N.03

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with a game that was rather less than memorable from the creators of Devil May Cry for this week’s Retro Game Friday. It’s P.N.03!

Plot: Frankly it’s not the greatest, and even looking back I couldn’t remember much of it beyond fighting robots. That said it’s definitely a different sort of game than DMC.

Gameplay: This is a third person shooter that oddly enough didn’t allow the main character Vanessa to attack while moving, evading or defending herself. Which meant that you had to use cover and the environment to your advantage while keeping up your combo counter.

Characters: Frankly I don’t remember much of the cast, this game wasn’t memorable like I said above.

Art: The art has aged rather poorly since this is a GameCube game, but that isn’t a surprise.

Music: Not at all memorable, at least to me probably because I didn’t really care for music much at the time.

Overall: A very skippable game, unless you’re really a fan of Shinji Mikami and want to play all his works this isn’t worth trying to play.

For those who like: Action, Drama, Odd Gameplay,

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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