Retro Game Friday: Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with a game I remember gettng to play with a friend for this week’s Retro Game Friday. It’s Mario Golf Toadstool Tour!

Gameplay: This plays just like any of the other Mario Golf games, in that it’s all about hitting the sweet spot in a quick time event with the typical sliding bar using a variety of clubs. There are some other modes, but frankly I just enjoyed playing this with my friend and complaining about how dull the gameplay could be and comparing the game’s shots to my own experiences golfing.  If you can enjoy that though Mario Golf Toadstool Tour would be fun for you, but frankly it had way too little action for my liking.

Art: The art has aged fairly poorly, but that’s because this was made in the middle years of the GameCube’s generation.

Music: The music is classic Mario, that’s all that needs be said at this point.

Overall: If you enjoy the various Mario Sports games this will be another one you might enjoy, though it is much less involved than other games as you might expect given that this is a Golfing game.


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