Movie Monday: The Karate Kid

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another classic for this week’s Movie Monday. It’s The Karate Kid!

Plot: The plot is pretty solid, and while it’s very much the standard 80’s action flick stuff, it also is a coming of age story. Frankly I won’t go into the story much, if you haven’t seen this you really need to watch it. It’s a classic for a reason after all.

Casting: Ralph Macchio is our lead character Daniel and he does an excellent job of it. But the star of the show is Mr Miyagi played by Pat Morita, honestly I very much enjoyed this film when I was younger and while it’s cliched it was the originator for many of those cliches.

Cinematography: There aren’t many fancy special effects in this film, but the camera does incredibly well at setting the pace of each scene.

Music: Again it’s nothing fancy, but it fits the film to a T.

Overall: A classic movie for a very good reason, if you’ve never watched it you ought to do so as soon as you can.

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  1. Fun fact: I can quote huge sections of this movie because it was the test tape at place I worked ages ago. Good times. 👍

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