Michael Blaker’s Video Game Tuesday: Console Exclusive Content

Michael Blaker
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The Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon from Destiny.

Hey all, I’m back with another Video Game Tuesday question for you all. It’s all about Console Exclusive Content!

Console Exclusive Content?: I don’t mean console exclusives, like the Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 that only recently got ported to the PC. I mean stuff that has released on multiple platforms but has console specific content that others can’t get.

Like what?: Well, one of the earliest examples I can think of is Soul Calibur 2, which released with exclusive characters on each of the big three consoles at the time. The GameCube had Link, Xbox had Spawn in their version, and PlayStation 2 had Heihachi from Tekken. Spawn was pretty broken in that game from what I remember, having a freaking fireball attack that reached across the entire stage and could be easily spammed, but the others were much more balanced. But there are other examples such as Destiny’s PlayStation exclusive content like the exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon and the Dust Palace Strike.

For another example, the PlayStation version of Hogwarts Legacy has an exclusive quest called “Haunted Hogsmeade Shop” that includes an extra dungeon and a cosmetic set, and those who complete the quest and dungeon get access to an exclusive shop to “sell items and gear at better rates than anywhere else.” Those who preordered the game received a recipe for the Felix Felicis Potion that temporarily shows the location of chests.

So, my question is this, do you enjoy console exclusive content? If it’s merely time limited, does that change your opinion versus something that isn’t like the extra characters in Soul Calibur 2?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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One thought on “Michael Blaker’s Video Game Tuesday: Console Exclusive Content”

  1. I dislike when that’s done. I can’t afford every console so I just stick to what I’ve bought & don’t make myself crazy about what I can’t access. It’s like the way tv is so fractured now – I have what I subscribe to & don’t sweat the rest!

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