Michael Blaker’s Translation Necessary Thursday: “The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 01” by Yu Wo

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back with an old series that I read years and years ago for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday. It’s “The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 01” by Yu Wo.

Plot: This is the first entry of a series about a world where there are gods competing for power, and religions were formed for the most powerful of them. The oldest of these religions is the Church of the God of Light. Grisia Sun is the Sun Knight, and he’s the leader of the 38th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights that are representatives of the God of Light.

Characters: Grisia Sun is our main character as you might guess, and the persona he is supposed to maintain as the Sun Knight doesn’t always match with his own personality.  The rest of the characters, which consist mainly of the other eleven Holy Knights also have the exact same issue for the most part and it is all a very fun and humorous dichotomy. Still, I was not really into that sort of humor back when I first read this around 2009 if I remember correctly and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as some of the other notable work by Yu Wo. Though if I give “The Legend of Sun Knight” a reread anytime soon once I clear out my backlog a bit my opinion could change.

Overall: A decent series, especially for those who enjoy a fantasy series with humor.

For those who like: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Comedy, and a Decent Plot and Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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