Michael Blaker’s Synth Saturday: Chapters 11-20 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back for this week’s Synth Saturday with the third set of chapters in a Fic that centers on someone who is reincarnated as Brock from the Pokemon anime and games, who is left in charge of 9 younger siblings in addition to running the Pewter City Gym. It’s Chapters 11-20 of “Hard Enough-Pokemon SI” by Viva01.

Plot: Given the fact that Brock threw out his own challenge at the end of the last set of chapters and the fact that it’s played out through the majority of the next 10 chapters, I’m combining my coverage of them into one post. Rejoice and all that. Honestly this is what really sold me on this Fic, as up to this point it was very much slice of life for the most part and didn’t really highlight how different this Brock was compared to the original one we got to see in the original anime all those years ago.

Characters: There are quite a few newcomers, but I won’t spoil who my favorite is, though it would probably surprise you. Brock and Sabrina are still some of the standouts here in these sets of chapters, but there are plenty of other faces that make it one of the most solid sets of chapters in this Fic thus far.

Overall: A very fun set of chapters that showcases the changes this Brock has and how it’ll effect the rest of the Fic.

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