Michael Blaker’s Anime Sunday: Most Anticipated Fall 2023 Anime

Michael Blaker
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Hey all, I’m back for this week’s Anime Sunday with a look at the upcoming season. It’s my Most Anticipated Fall 2023 Anime.

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End

This series looks to be interesting so it’s my first one for Fall 2023. In a twist of the standard hero against the Demon King type plot, the Demon King has been defeated, but Frieren the Elven Mage is going to outlive her party members because she’s an elf with a life span of over a thousand years and doesn’t know what to do. So she tries to learn how others understand life. It’s an interesting enough premise that it got my attention right away when I was looking at this upcoming season.

Tearmoon Empire

This is a series about how a hated princess upon meeting the guillotine gets a second chance when she wakes up as her 12-year-old self and tries to change her empire’s course in order to avoid repeating past mistakes. It sounds interesting enough that I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. Maybe it’ll be boring, but who knows.

Firefighter Daigo

This seems to be a rather realistic, for the most part, series about becoming and being a firefighter, which was enough to grab my attention. I’m interested in seeing how this goes, as it chronicles the lives of three people, Daigo, Shun, and Yuki, in their quest to join the elite firefighting force known as Orange.

Like I said, this seems at least somewhat realistic. But it is just out there enough to pique my interest.

That’s it for this week’s Anime Sunday.

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