Light Novel Thursday: Re: Monster by Kanekiru Kogitsune

Michael Blaker
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This week for Light Novel Thursday I’m covering a series that really isn’t for children. It’s Re: Monster by Kanekiru Kogitsune.

Plot Synopsis: Tomokui Kanata has been re-incarnated into the weakest race of a goblin, and received a new name,Rou, after having undergone an unfortunate death. However goblin Rou has retained his previous life’s memories, gained an unusual evolution, and kept his ability to gain skills from eating his foes.

In this alternate world of survival of the fittest, events unfold. Will a goblin party become the heroes of this world, in a delightful twist from your usual scenario? will he become a hero of this world, or a dark overlord dominating over everyone else?

Plot: So uhh yea, Rou is a cannibal and doesn’t really care all that much about doing such things. This series really isn’t for the squeamish or faint of heart. The plot is also fairly dark, as it deals with subjects that most people find revolting, like cannibalism which is the least revolting of them.

Art: The art is alright, I think it’s nothing amazing, but it fits this series really well.

Overall: If you don’t mind the yuck factor this series is amazing and well worth the read.

For those who like: Anti-Heroes as Protagonists, Dark Fantasy, Dark Plot Lines.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or particularly disturbing scenes.

4 thoughts on “Light Novel Thursday: Re: Monster by Kanekiru Kogitsune”

  1. I came across re:monster manga about a month ago and since then I’ve put aside my usual favorite manga because I can’t get enough. It is a great story that makes me want to see what will happen next… If you are anyone know where I can get the official English publication please please pleeease direct to it..?

  2. is there any way to leave a message or get into contact with the author of re:monster i would like to ask permission to make re:monster into a game

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