Light Novel Thursday: High School DxD Volume 07 by Ichiei Ishibumi

Michael Blaker
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This week for Light Novel Thursday I’m covering the seventh volume in the High School DxD series. It’s High School DxD Volume 07: Ragnarok After School by Ichiei Ishibumi!

Plot Synopsis: Issei has finally gained the ability to go Balance Breaker at will, but it came at a terrible price after he went into Juggernaut Drive after he thought Asia was killed by Diadora.  Issei, who was supposed to live for tens of thousands of years has lost 99.99% of his lifespan and has about 100 years to live. He’s pissed of course, and the usual hijinxs ensue before a very special visitor comes to Japan along with someone’s father.

Plot: This is Akeno’s volume and it’s really all about her and her burgeoning love for Issei, but it’s also about the ever expanding world starting to change in ways no one thought possible. We’ve got Nordic gods, Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils all in the fray for this volume and it’s absolutely wonderful. I love this volume because it expands on so much and is one of my favorite volumes for the sheer amount of plot lines it introduces.

Characters: The Gremory group is quickly getting more and more powerful, and it’s due in no small part to Issei and his straightforward attitude towards life, he wants to have a Harem and doesn’t care for those who get in the way of that plan. We get introduced to a few more interesting characters from the Khaos Brigade, and everyone’s favorite White Dragon shows up to be his bad ass self. That being said it really is all about Akeno in this volume and it resolves her backstory quite well.

Art: Excellent as always.

Overall: Easily one of the better volumes in this already amazing series.

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