Book Series Wednesday: The Hidden City by David Eddings

Michael Blaker
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This week for Book Series Wednesday I’m covering the last entry in the Sparhawk series and The Tamuli Trilogy. It’s¬†The Hidden City by David Eddings!

Plot Synopsis:¬†Following The Shining Ones, the enemies have been identified, and the cards are dealt. Queen Ehlana, kidnapped by the forces of Cyrgon, is held captive against Sparhawk’s delivering of Bhelliom. The Troll Gods, freed in the climax of The Shining Ones, along with Sparhawk and the Younger Gods set out to stop Cyrgon as a greater threat looms.

Plot: The plot is amazing and while I wished there were more content in the Epilogue it was still a great series. Easily the best of the entire saga.

Characters: Bhlokw is easily my favorite new character in this book although Bhelliom is really really close. The rest of the cast is great as usual, and I don’t need to mention anything about my favorite three characters of Talen, Ulath and Sparhawk as they quite good as usual.

Overall: A worthy ending to an amazing series and saga.

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