Anime Sunday: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 03

Michael Blaker
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This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering the third episode in the Unicorn series. It’s Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 03!

Previous Episode Synopsis: The transformed Unicorn Gundam overpowers the Kshatriya and Marida is ordered to retreat. The Unicorn is picked up by the Londo Bell ship Nahel Argama. Banagher is questioned by Daguza Mackle about how he came to possess the Unicorn Gundam but is interrupted by the Sleeves’ surprise attack. Full Frontal, the leader of Neo Zeon, demands that the Nahel Argama hand over any items related to Laplace’s Box, including the Unicorn. Daguza tries to ensure safe passage by holding Audrey – revealed to be Zeon Princess Mineva Lao Zabi – hostage, but Frontal refuses to accept they have the real Mineva. With no other choice, Banagher sorties in the Unicorn against the Sinanju; he fights well, but is captured when blindsided by the Kshatriya. Banagher is taken to meet Frontal at the Sleeves asteroid base of Palau.

After discussing the nature of Zeon with Marida, who is placed in charge of watching over Banagher, a crew member from the Nahel Argama disguised as a bum bumps into Banagher and passes him a map and a transmitter, telling him to get to the 14th space gate or risk being killed in the coming battle. Banagher laments over how the colony will become a battlefield soon.

Plot: The plot of this third episode is quite good as it shows the other perspective of the conflict from the Federation’s view point. Banagher may be stuck in the middle of the conflict, but he holds the key to ending the battle and is the one who must decide on what to do. So it’s good to see Banagher man up and learn some stuff.

Characters: We are introduced to Riddhe in this episode, and while I don’t like the character he is fairly important.

Art: The art is still excellent.

Music: Again like the art it’s still excellent.

Overall: It’s a good episode, but not my personal favorite of the series.

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