TNT: Tales of Demon and Gods Chapters 81-120 by Mad Snail

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m back with the third set of chapters from another of my favorite series! It’s Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters 81-120!

Plot Synopsis: Having successfully absorbed and cultivated the Shadow Devil Spirit, Nie Li sets off on his plan to successfully build up the fortifications of his home, Glory City, so he doesn’t have to suffer the tragedy of seeing all his friends and loved ones die in front of him. He takes the the test at the Alchemists Guild and quickly rises through the ranks after astonishing the elders at the Guild. He also amasses a huge fortune in order to supply himself and friends with needed supplements to increase the speed of their cultivation. He astonishes the manager of Yang Xin with his uncanny foresight and his ability to thoroughly confound his foes even in something as small as betting.

He also drives Shen Xiu from Glory City’s Holy Orchid Institute. Afterwards he returns to his families home and changes everything by increasing their strength and confidence and his reputation in the family quickly overtakes even the head of the family. After acquiring his second Demon Spirit, a Fanged Panda, and the extremely rare Soul Weapon Katars he gets ready to face off against the Sacred Family in the yearly martial tournament.

Plot: This set of chapters quickly gets into action and pretty much stays that way until the end of chapter 120. Nie Li pulls off his usual hijinks and it’s absolutely wonderful to see him quickly growing along with his friends. This is probably where the series really starts to get more action oriented, which is great.

Characters: We get introduced to a few new characters, but the most important and probably most hilarious would be Ye Ziyun’s Father, Ye Zong, and her Uncle, Ye Xiu. They’re my favorite of the new bunch. However I’m really enjoying the way Nie Li is naturally attracting all the young women’s attention when he really only wants Ziyun, it’s probably one of the most amusing things I’ve read in a long time.

Overall: If you didn’t love this series already, this set of chapters will make you love it.

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