Bookish Wednesday: Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

Michael Blaker
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This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the third entry in the Jane Yellowrock series! It’s Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter!

Plot Synopsis: Jane Yellowrock, a shape-shifting rogue-vampire hunter-for-hire, is now taking blood money from the very vamps she used to hunt. But things start heating up in the Big Easy when Weres announce their existence to the world.

Plot: This entry is pretty intense from start to finish for Jane and us as readers. I enjoy that immensely and I also enjoy that it’s fairly fast paced. Best entry so far, if only because it expands on the world building greatly.

Characters: Jane might be my favorite character still, but newcomer Girrard D. Merci is pretty freaking close. I enjoy him as a character immensely.

Overall: An excellent entry in what’s shaping up to be an equally excellent series.

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