Announcing the 2016 GiN Game of the Year Awards

By almost any measure, the year 2016 was a good one for gamers. We ended up with multiple titles in every genre. There was almost certainly something for everyone this year, from casual titles to hardcore adventures and RPGs, detailed simulations to lighthearted puzzle-based games – and everything in-between.

All of the consoles, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and WiiU, released good original content, and many games went cross-platform. PC gaming also continued to rise in popularity, with less expensive systems providing the power to play all but the most high-end offerings. And the indie scene could not be healthier, with independent titles doing well alongside AAA-published games.

But now is the time for action. It’s the time of year where we give special recognition to those games which were the best of the best. Lots of developers and crew members put in huge amounts of time and effort to bring you your favorite titles. Now is the time when we can show them a little love in return. It all starts with the nomination process. May the best games go on from here to compete in the overall Game of the Year contest. And may the best games win!

You can begin your nominations right here.

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