GiN News: A New Dawn Approaches

I have been at GIN for almost a decade now and during that time I have been provided the opportunity to help with various things in for the publication and company. This time, I get to spearhead a new project that hope helps us better connect with you, the reader. GIN is completely revamping their digital presence and working to modernize. Below are some of the major projects we are working on:

Modernizing The Website and Increasing Social Media Presence

We have heard your complaints and issues with the site as it stands now, especially on mobile. While I am not directly involved in the building or designing of the website, I have made sure to let our designer know about the need for mobile optimization. I am confident that in the near term, the site should work better on mobile devices. In addition, we are going to make strides to get our social media active and be more available to connect with all of you.

New Gaming Podcast

While the Game Industry News GIN Lounge is not a new podcast to the site, we have revamped it with new hosts and made it available on most podcasting apps through Podbean. The show is hosted by our Save State columnist Vincent Mahoney as well as myself and we have two shows up at the time of this article. Right now, we are waiting for Apple and Pandora to go through their review processes first. If you are a big podcast fan, then please check us out. The podcasts will start running on GiN next week too, so stay tuned for that.

New Twitch Channel

We are now on Twitch and will be uploading the first show with GiN writer Melissa Pierce. She has an amazing personality which you all should get to know as our Modern Gamer. On the streaming channel, she will be looking at interesting games and giving her take as well as her reaction to the action. It will be a ton of fun.

Search Game Industry News on Twitch and that should take you to the channel. And this will also be debuting as a GiN feature next week right here on the site and also on our YouTube channel. I hope you tune in for that!

Over the rest of the year there will be more GiN staff members on their playing games and available to hang out with you guys. As more things develop we will make news events out of them.

Looking Forward

I am excited to be able to tell you all about all of these changes and new projects because it gives me the best chance to engage with readers and other gamers. One thing the pandemic has shown me is that I feel better when I can hang out with people, even virtually. I hope that as we continue to redesign and roll out new content we can get your feedback along the way. You, the reader and soon to be listener and viewer, are what keeps us going day in and day out.

Stay safe and just keep taking things one day at a time!

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