Time for the 2017 Hardcore Bowl

Wow, the last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I’m sure you are all thinking that my problems are revolve around President Trump’s actions, but while I do not support anything he’s done at all, in fact I condemn a lot of it, I just don’t show it as much as some of my other peers do. I don’t speak out too much politically these days and instead try to move on and concentrate on other things.

One of those things you might say is a bit too materialistic, but I don’t care about that. It involved the TV I used to play and review my games with. A few years ago I bought a 46” Samsung 1080p TV, and while it originally worked out great for my Xbox and PC, once I moved to my new location I started having issues with it. At first the image suffered from severe flicker. After doing some research I found the cause was a jumper on the power board that I snipped. It still flickered a bit, but after a while it stopped. The only problem was for the longest time the display ended up too dark. Then right before Christmas vacation the sound started to fail, so I had to pull out my surround system and hook that up.

Go figure, once I rewired everything, the display brightened up again. Even stranger, when I got back from vacation, the TV’s sound came back.

But how long would these issues be gone? I figured there and then I needed to get a new TV soon. But I wasn’t going back to a 1080p set. I had an Xbox One S, and its true potential of 4K video and HDR gaming had yet to be tapped into. It was time to move up, and I did so, in the form of a 49” Sony X800D which I got last week. I can’t go into detail just yet about how everything works on it as I’m still tweaking, but I will mention more about it in my next column.

Why wait? Because this weekend is the (Censored.) Oops, I should say the Big Game, since (Censored) is a licensed term of the NFL and I’m pulling a Marshall Lynch:

But seriously, this weekend it’s the New England Patriots (much to my dismay after two weeks ago) and the Atlanta Falcons. And as usual, it’s time to go over predictions of who will win. Earlier today (as of this writing,) we had the official EA Sports prediction:

And as noticed, it ended up being a 27-24 Patriots victory. When I told my friends about that, I started getting claims to see if the Patriots paid off EA to make that result happen or not. I just told them to keep an eye on my prediction video, and that’s where we are going next. In yearly tradition, I simulated the entire game from beginning to end and have my own prediction to show you.

Of course, to prevent any controversy or fan outrage I need to go over the following rules:

1. I am using the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 17.

2. The game has been set to default difficulty, and all the AI sliders are at their default level.

3. Gameplay is set for 15 minute quarters, with accelerated play clock that stops when there is 10 seconds left.

4. I had NO physical interaction with the game as it played. I just let the game play by itself. The only controller interface I did was moving the thumbstick so the Xbox One screen saver doesn’t kick in. (The screen will go dark once during the first quarter due to that.)

5. The rosters and live commentary were updated to the most recent version.

6. Due to the size of the video captures (each half clocked in at 6 gigabytes,) I had no choice but to make each half a separate clip.

So with that out of the way, I’m going to walk away and let the game speak for itself. See you again in two weeks!

Let’s get the first half started:

Wow, that was pretty exciting. Okay, why wait. Let’s kickoff the second half!

Currently Playing: XCOM 2 (PC,) Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One S, NOW IN HDR!)

Waiting For: More games to test out 4K and HDR with!

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