The (Crazy) Month In Review

There is so much to write about this week, it's hard to figure out where to start? The announcements from E3? The bungled G4 Microsoft Press conference? Peter Moore out the door at Microsoft? Or even, that new iPhone.

Over the course of the last few weeks I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to discuss. At first I wanted to give my opinion of the iPhone, and in particular, my criticisms against it (forcing the use of AT&T as the only carrier of choice, the low storage space (8 GB,) the slow EDGE network compared to 3G, and the frustrating keyboard.) But after hearing many of my peers saying the same things that I did, even going as far as saying that their Windows Smartphone can do more (a fact that I can agree with after getting the new Mogul from Sprint,) I felt it was time to find another commentary.

That brought us to last week's E3, an event that yours truly had the chance to attend, but due to personal issues, I was unable to go. But from what I can tell from others who have been there, the smaller scale, the lack of extravagance, going to different hotels as opposed to connected exhibit halls, and most of all, the trouble of finding Wi-Fi (as reported by Joystiq,) maybe it was better that I didn't go.

It got worse when I decided to do something I never dared do previously, watch G4. In particular, it was to watch the Microsoft Press Briefing, the first time I would be able to watch it live, as opposed to downloading it on Xbox Live Marketplace a few days later. Of course the event started off bad when I had to listen to Geoff Keighley (who I actually have respect for,) and Mr. Metreon himself, Adam Sessler (who aside from standing up to Jack Thompson regarding Bully, I have absolutely no respect for…)

It got worse once the press conference started, as every time there was a game I had a deep interest in (Project Gotham 4, Mass Effect, etc.,) they decided to go to a commercial. Now I know G4 Media needs to fulfill the requirements of their sponsors, but this is E3 for God's sake! Surely you guys could have struck a deal that allowed you to show the press conference without interruptions of any kind.

But in the end that was not the worst thing that G4 did. Nothing compares to the fact that they cut off the press briefing halfway through the latest Halo 3 trailer! Come on, we're talking about the biggest launch of the Xbox 360 2007 lineup and G4 doesn't care enough to show all of it? No wonder why I don't watch G4!

But still, the biggest surprise of all wasn't ruined by G4. In fact, it didn't even occur at E3. On Tuesday, it was announced that Xbox head Peter Moore actually left Microsoft to head up EA Sports! This came as a surprise after all the stuff he talked about at E3, referring to the "perfect storm" of titles that are coming out for the 360, and here he is manning up EA Sports?

While I'm not as mad at Peter for this as I was for the "Shenmue II incident," this is still tough to accept. But then again, look at how NCAA and Madden are going to look on the 360 compared to the PS3. NCAA is already running at 60 FPS on 360, as opposed to 30 on the PS3. Maybe he can continue that trend for all upcoming 360 EA Sports titles. We'll have to see.

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Waiting For: Call of Duty 4 (X360), Space Giraffe (XBLA Ok, you announced it on your E3 Montage"Where the heck is it!)

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