Sony’s Vita Needs PSP Games


I can’t believe it’s been three months since the PlayStation Vita was released in the US, and as many of you know, I purchased the First Edition Bundle to get early access. In doing so, I ended up with a 3G-enabled Vita, a 4 GB Memory Card, a carrying case, and a Vita game disguised as a tech demo called Little Deviants. It was a good start to what I felt would be a potentially good handheld game console.

And over time it appeared I was right. Some of the games I tested out for the Vita since its launch (Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, and Lumines Electronic Symphony) showed all the capabilities the system could handle.

And even better, one game I played more than others, MLB 12: The Show, was a dream come true for me because of its cross platform play. Nothing beats starting a season on my PlayStation 3, only to transfer it to my Vita to play when on the go.

But over the course of these last three months, I noticed something that really started to concern me. When I had my original PSP there were a lot of good games out for it that I would give anything to play on the Vita, and before the system came out I noticed a lot of the games I originally played were on PlayStation Store.

But that was when I accessed the store on my PlayStation 3. When I tried to get to them on the Vita PlayStation Store, they were nowhere to be found. In fact, since I bought my Vita, there have only been two PSP games I was able to purchase out of the vast number I wanted: Ridge Racer (which is superior to the Vita version that just came out) and Castlevania: the Dracula X Chronicles.

That leaves many PSP games that I want to play on my Vita that are currently left out, and it seems to be the case for PlayStation minis as well. What’s even worse is the minis I have downloaded on my PlayStation 3 are not compatible with my Vita. I only hope that soon Sony will make these games cross-compatible.

Or more so, I hope they are able to make more PSP games and minis available for purchase. Every Tuesday I check the Vita’s PlayStation Store in hopes that something good will come out. And every week I am left disappointed.

And what about compatibility with PSOne games? That is another missing element I hope to see resolved soon, even if it is done in software emulation. There are a lot of great PSOne games I’d love to play while on the go, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not regretting my purchase of the PlayStation Vita. In fact, I am enjoying it a lot. I just wish that some of the classic games I knew and loved on the PSP and PS One will be available soon. With E3 just around the corner, I’m sure we will find out more, and I am really hoping for good news. The Vita is a good system, it just needs for Sony to unleash its potential. I hope they do it.

Currently Playing: Max Payne 3 (360,) MLB 12: The Show (PS3/Vita)

Waiting For: Ghost Recon Future Soldier (360)

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