Slow Down Partner

God how I hate these slow times. For the last few weeks there has been very little for me to try out. Most of my time has been spent continuing my High Heat season, as well as playing some old classics that I still have yet to finish. I even decided to go back to Madden and start a new season.

But still, with only 2 1/2 weeks until E3, this drought is starting to kill me. In fact, this drought is even affecting my writing, as it is getting harder and harder for me to find new subjects to write about. In fact, this commentary was getting close to a Seinfeld episode. In other words, this commentary was going to be about NOTHING!

Let's face it, the only major new release that I had to experience in the last month or so has been Spider Man: The Movie. And don't get me wrong; it is a great game and all, but it is not enough to satisfy me. And considering the movie is released today, I don't want to finish the game until I see the movie first, for fear of spoilers.

Add to the fact that I have to wait until the 16th for Attack of the Clones, and of course, E3 on the 22nd, it makes the wait even harder to bear. (Hell, I even have a real-time counter on my computer of how much time I have left until E3, and I'm so tempted to write my E3 preview now instead of waiting until two weeks from now).

Heck, even while writing this commentary, I am having writer's block thinking of something to say. That's the problem of having to write a bi-weekly feature when nothing happens. (realizing he has a box slipped onto his desk)

Uh wait a sec, I need to open this"*rips it apart* Oh my God! Resident Evil on the GameCube just came out? I've been waiting to see this. I mean, the trailers and the benchmark videos were unbelievable, but I haven't played the original Resident Evil since my Saturn days (yes, I did say the Saturn, the heavily underrated system that everyone, especially Frank O'Connor and the entire Game Informer staff, loved to trash). Excuse me while I take a look at this"

(30 minutes later)

Ok, the intro has been completely redone. Not bad so far, but I got to admit, I miss the cheesy acting that I enjoyed ridiculing back on the Saturn. But one thing's for sure, the redone mansion and characters definitely makes up for it. Never before have I seen them look this good, not even on Code Veronica, and that's saying a lot.

(Plays a bit more)

Oh my god, that zombie actually got up, despite seeing the usual pool of blood left behind a permanently dead zombie? Darn, that one just bit me from behind, and I can't use my survival knife on him"I'm starting to itch badly"

(Adds more playtime, trying to avoid scratching his itches and his taste for flesh)

Game".pulling me closer".itching".getting worse"..taste for flesh".(gnawing on his own arm)".increasing"..

(Finishes Resident Evil for the moment, and returns to this commentary)


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