Pre-Order Blues

After the commentary I wrote last time regarding the lies and deceits that both EB and Gamestop displayed on their web sites, I thought they would actually take my concerns to heart. Go figure that they don't, as once again they both lied to me regarding the release date of NHL 2003. Recently it was listed to be released on October 1st, and as usual I gave the stores an extra day because of their "that's when it's being shipped" crap. But when I went to the local EB on the following day (the 2nd), NHL 2003 was STILL not there, and once again, I explained to them about their web site having October 1st as their launch date.

Imagine my shock when I heard their reply""Oh but that is their shipping date."

My reply"."BUT THIS IS OCTOBER *EXPLETIVE DELETED* 2ND, YOU PIMPLY FACED, MINIMUM-WAGE EARNING JERK," as I walked out of the store, vowing never to purchase from them again. NHL 2003 didn't arrive until today (the 3rd), almost 2 WEEKS are those EB and Gamestop liars said it would be released, but it is events like this that explain why I NEVER pre-order any titles, because you know they won't come out on the day that they are scheduled.

Still, the last two weeks are not full of heartbreaks and lies. They were highlighted by some astonishing information from a highly credible source. There is a strong rumor going around that Konami is planning a remake of the original PlayStation1 best seller Metal Gear Solid for Nintendo's GameCube, but that is only the beginning.

Rumors are also telling that MGS1 will also have the original MGS cast re-record all new dialogue for the story, contrary to past reports that a new voice cast will be used. Personally I will feel much better if the original cast would be used, as I have been personal witness as to how another voice cast would ruin projects I once found to be amazing. Case in point, the original VHS release of Akira, a true pinnacle of voice acting only to be virtually decimated when it was re-released on DVD. After hearing that travesty, I returned the DVD version to the local Suncoast and kept my classic VHS copy. Need I go on with the Seven-of-Nine replacement for Elite Force and how she sounded nothing like the original?

Granted there have been some voice changes that weren't really bad at all, such as the Sarah Michelle Gellar replacement for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (an almost perfect imitation), but still there are the "Resident Evil" cases that still haunt my dreams. Metal Gear Solid features by far the top voice talent in the world. Even Hideo Kojima himself praised the English voice cast (even making it an addition to the Japanese-only Metal Gear Solid Integral), so I must commend Konami for understanding the needs of gamers worldwide and knowing how quality sells titles.

But as I mentioned, this is all my take of things to come from a very strong rumor. If it ever came true, the possibilities could be endless! I will do my best to keep an eye on this rumor and let you know whatever I find out, but please do not email me about who will be involved and when this will all be confirmed. I know only what my inside source tells me (and don't ask me for his email address, as I will not give it to anyone), but all I can do is tell you who the rumor came from.

It was from Solid Snake himself…

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