Got The 56K Blues

Ok, we all are now aware that the official launch of XBox Live will be taking place on November 15th, and I am anxious to get the opportunity to enjoy online console gaming that I have not experienced since Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast.

But we know where that sad story went, thanks to Whore and Blowhard. Since then I have been unable to do any online gaming. Even with my blazing fast Athlon XP2000 computer and a new library of hot titles (Warcraft 3 and Wolfenstein to name a few), I still am no match for any true online competition, and it can be explained in one word"

The dreaded 56K.

That’s right. Unlike most people, I am stuck with a crappy 56K modem. On the Dreamcast, it wasn’t a problem because while broadband was available, a majority of gamers played under 56K, and it gave me an advantage when playing Quake 3. I wouldn’t have this advantage if I was playing Q3A on my PC, because of the swarm of "low ping bastards" who use their cable or DSL modems (or play at work) to beat the tar out of us poor 56K users.

I know the same thing will happen on the PlayStation2, as the network adapter will run both 56K and broadband. Sure Madden 2003 is said to run well on both (and after NFL 2K1, I can believe it), but other titles will definitely let gamers take advantage of broadband, and even worse, some games such as SOCOM will run only on broadband.

But on the XBox, it’s a completely different story. As we all know, the XBox is broadband-only, so a 56K user like myself is out of luck. I know you’re all asking me, "Why don’t you upgrade to broadband?" Believe me, I want to, but it’s not that easy.

I have looked everywhere to get decent broadband service, and considering I don’t really live out in the Sticks (my hometown is only 30 miles from Washington DC) there is no excuse to not provide broadband.

It shouldn’t be that hard for me, if it weren’t for my incompetent cable company, who will unfortunately remain nameless. They have been PROMISING cable internet for the past year, and to this day they are still making empty promises stating their service is "now available in Ashburn (10 miles from here) and is coming soon to Leesburg."

I can understand a slight delay because of the acts of September 11th, but having service be a year late and counting is not only inexcusable, it is downright lazy!

Every time I go to get my cable bill paid, I ask what is the deal with the Internet service and they keep telling me there are slight delays.

ONE YEAR OF SLIGHT DELAYS???????? I don’t think so. There is no excuse for the service to not be provided here, and I am sick of it.

As a result, it looks like if I am going to go broadband in time for XBox Live, I will have to go the DSL route, which unfortunately for me, will be more expensive but the way I see it, anything will be better than going 56K and suffering the worst screw over since Tamyra was voted out of American Idol.

And as for said cable company, expect me to come in with my cable box within the next few weeks as I will be installing a brand new satellite system in my house!

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